Frequently Asked Questions

I'm an author. In a breath, what do you want from my story?
Women inclined or compelled to fight with swords, who might also do anything, such as pursue lofty aspirations, lead military campaigns, experience love with other women, grapple with dilemmas, and so on.

I'm a visual artist who works by-hand in traditional dry media. Why am I here?
We hope to follow each story with an at least compelling visual interpretation. Exquisite works are also welcome. In the meanwhile we will want to promote the CC with some modest commissions. Please let us know you are interested in participating via the email listed on our homepage.

Are there any limits imposed on what I can write and submit?
If you have a basic grasp of what we're looking for and a reasonable person would consider it widely publishable, send it our way. We retain final discretion on all material included in any publication.

How many words are you looking for?

Can I send you a chapter of a larger work?
If it hasn't been published elsewhere and is itself a complete work of fiction.

What about fanworks and electronically generated literature?
No. Anything you send us should be entirely of your own concept and making. And as we find the human arts to be worth supporting, we will consider publishing truly legible hand-written manuscripts in the dimensions of our publication if we can verify the original. Please be prepared to make edits if necessary.

What are the dimensions of your publication?
Sorry, but we're still deciding (as of 6/2024.) Please check back soon.

What formats are you publishing in?
Print (We anticipate that in-store distribution will be limited to Chicago through our first issue's run, but welcome discussion with other retailers.)
MP3/Audio Libraries

What are your intended prices?
MP3 & PDF Bundle: donation ask of $25
E-Reader & Audio Libraries: $4.99
Softcover Journal: $29.99 (if we end up printing by the thousands it could be less)
Public Library Systems: free of course

If my story is selected, what will you pay me and when?
Every selected author is to receive 5% of all profits derived from sales and donations wholly attributable to the issue in which said author's work appears, as well as $100 upon first announcement of said issue via press release and a further $100 upon first run of said issue (at the time of printing.) Local (or at least really, really good) hand-drawn illustrations will also be commissioned and printed with every story to appear. Reprints and subsequent editions will pay similarly, though we hope to offer more with the publication's increasing success.

Do I have to pay you in order for my story to be considered?
No, never.

What rights do you claim as publisher?
First exclusive global and electronic/online rights for one year from first run of the issue in question. Extended non-exclusive rights to publish in reprints/reissues and omnibus format.

What is your editing process?
If we are interested in publishing your story, but feel it needs work, we will offer you conditional selection contingent upon the timely completion of our requested edits. If we don't need anything substantial changed, but require edits for grammatical and syntactic purposes, and for other minor issues, we will send a detailed list of edits for your review. If there are any unresolved differences, the manuscript will be returned to you with no further obligation to the editor.

What do you mean by pulp and literary fantasy?
Traditionally the province of magazines and paperback anthologies, pulp fantasy tales are typified by not-necessarily-heroic protagonists who face conflicts which are highly personal, often violent, and sometimes of cosmic consequence. Throughout our publication, we hope to honor these conventions of pulp fantasy within our niche, while elevating the stories within as literary works.

My story lives in a specific fantasy subgenre. Does it fit with yours?
We'll have to see it to know for sure. We are a venue for exciting sword duels, adventures great or small, war chronicles, ancient intrigues, bawdy stories, folly, farce, and matters of sincere feeling.

How much do you expect my story to explain the details of its universe, such as magic, near-human personages, attitudes toward orientations, anachronistic or fantastical metallurgy, that one type of sword is better than another, the advantages of fighting unarmored, and the like?
To any degree (or none) that it would benefit as a work of fiction.

You mention an interest in stories about relationships between women. How do I know if my characters are women?
That's for you to decide. If you think so, send it our way.

What else are you into, the lack of which wouldn't necessarily be held against my story?
Perilous action
Beautiful prose
Pre-medieval settings
Warrior veneration
Armor superfluity
Unreal swordplay

I have a piece to send you. How do we make that happen?
Send us an email at submissions@chicagochakram.com with the subject line [your real or pen-name (no webhandles, please)] - [the title of the story]. Please include your preferred contact method and one alternative contact method. Say howdy if you like and attach a pdf of your story in the traditional manuscript format, or a pdf photostat of your truly and extremely legible hand-written manuscript.

Can I send more than one at a time?
Go for it. This is relatively niche stuff, so we want to see what's out there.

Check back for more sometime.